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Welcome to iratuition.com! Students or parents who wish to seek home tutor services can use our portal and avoid the pains for finding quality tutors by braving the traffic and multiple middlemen. Due to our modern lifestyle and hectic schedules, parents trying to find the right home tutor as per their requirements for their wards either end up signing up for the most easily available tutor, or spend hours and even days trying to find the right one. Neither of the approaches is efficient. And we believe we can solve this problem.

We give you a number of search criteria on which students/parents in Bengaluru can choose a relevant tutor, like subject matter expertise, location, qualification, gender and years of experience.


We have made this process quite simple! The picture below shows how it works:


For further details, do visit the page How It Works.Moreover, you can get in touch with us in a number of ways like email or call or our social media channels!


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Decide things like place,timings, payment terms etc directly with the tutor. We won’t interfere

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  • Decide the terms amongst you and tutor

We at Ira Tuition strive to help you find a tutor in Bangalore in the most hassle free manner. If you are a parent or student and need home tutor in Bangalore, then we can definitely help. To know how, just read on.


We offer tutoring services at no cost for the students. You can find home tutor within a few mins, depending on your search criteria like subject, location, gender etc. For more details, do take a look at our page How it Works.


Need: Intense competition on the academic front for the students, coupled with the demands of professional career(s) for parents make private home tuition a necessity rather than a luxury. Private tuition at home can help your ward not only complete his/her regular studies, but it also helps in getting the concepts cleared, thereby eventually boosting his/her academic performance.


Ours is a very simple yet effective business model: We connect parents or students in need of a home tutor with tutors looking for home tuition jobs. On our tuition portal, people looking for home tutoring opportunities and parents looking for home tuition teacher can discover each other with ease. Using our simple and intuitive interface, parents busy with their professional lives can avoid the hassles of scouting for a suitable tutor for home tuition in Bangalore. There are ample of home tuition tutors in Bengaluru, who can cater to this burgeoning demand home tutors, but they are either unorganised, scattered across platforms/areas or simply “not found online”. They are looking for a home tuition job in Bengaluru, but even they find it difficult to find the students/parents matching their skills and qualifications. For example, an ICSE tutor or a CBSE tutor in Bangalore or any private tutor for that matter will never know who all need his services in the vicinity.


This is precisely where we step in as an online tuition agency, if you may call us so, and help you get the tutor for home studies, who is well qualified as well as well suited for your specific requirements. Do check out our premium tutoring services in case you are hard pressed for time.


Finding an able, competent and trustworthy tutor can work out very well fromstudentsperspective since even the reticent and shy childrencan derive the maximum benefit from the tutoring sessions. This is because they can easily ask about their queries without the fear of getting embarrassed. Personalized attention, moreover, helps in confidence building and enhancing their learning abilities. It also saves hours spent on commute in the traffic and chaos on the roads.We all know how notorious our Bengaluru traffic is. So in this era of work-from-home, why not study-from-home?!