About Us

We at iratuition.com are a group of individuals with complimentary anda diverse skill-set. We envision to build a platform which makes discovery of home tutors as convenient as booking a cab. The plethora of opportunities presented by the technological progress of our times has led to evolution of disruptive new business models.Hence, Education is also experiencingchanges like never before. So this opens up a lot of opportunities to ensure that our future generation of has a strong foundation in education.


We just cannot afford to teach rote-learning in our educational institutions and produce obsequiousand unemployable youth, who are getting trained to follow, and not lead in this century which for sure belongs to India.So we have a very strong conviction that we can make a difference here by providing a technology based solution and do out bit in improving the educational scenario of the country.


itatuition.comis an online portal which provides service to connect students/parents with relevant tutors on our website. Parents/ or students can search for tutors by various criteria and contact with them directly. What makes us different from other aggregators is the fact that once you are registered, we give you all the freedom to communicate and decide mutually the terms-conditions like timings,payment, place (student’s home or tutor’s place/classes), duration, etc. We have no partat all in these matters since we firmly believe that giving flexibility is of utmost importance our making services relevant and user-friendly. Bengaluru, a metronotorious for its traffic, makes looking out for anything very inconvenient and full of hassles. Therefore, we strive to ensurethat atleast with respect to findinghome tutors we can of some help.


Our Mission:To become the numerounohome tuition services provider by facilitating the coming together of a spiring tutors and students/parents.



Why home tutoring is good for all students?



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For those with a passion to teach, do join us in creating a service which really helps in building a strong foundation of a future generation. It also gives you an opportunity to earn in the process.


There are positions available with us, enroll with us and be a part of India’s fastest growing education marketplace.